Dad Thinks He's Just Looking At Old Photos, Then He Sees A Tuxedo And Breaks Down In Tears

Dad Thinks He is Simply Trying At Previous Pictures, Then He Sees A Tuxedo And Breaks Down In Tears

I put collectively a photograph album of various footage of my dad and me collectively all through the years. The final image within the album was an image of a tuxedo saying, “Dad, will you be my finest man?”

That is when it acquired emotional.

My mother and father had been visiting my fiancé and I [in Jacksonville, FL] from Dayton, Ohio. That they had been touring and stopped for a pair days. It simply so occurred to be my birthday and I believed what an ideal day to ask him.

The video was initially filmed so I may share it with my sister who additionally lives in Ohio. The response I acquired ended up being priceless.

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