Lion Cornered By Hyenas Calls For Backup

Lion Cornered By Hyenas Calls For Backup

Just like the scene in The Lion King the place Simba is cornered by hyenas and will get rescued by his father, this lion was surrounded by hyenas till two lions got here to the rescue.

Amber Soames, 19, was close to Satara, in Kruger Nationwide Park when she filmed this action-packed sighting.

“After I first received there, there have been just a few hyena, however after about 10 minutes, the lion was utterly surrounded by them. One after the other they went for the lion, biting his rear and attempting their finest to get the kill however the lion was not having it and gave a very good combat, as 1 male lion towards 12 hyena may, for his kill.

Quickly after this began I observed that the remainder of the pleasure, just a few 100 meters away, heard his moans and got here working to assist. This was when the females charged on the hyenas.”

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